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Match Lake

This lake has a large stocking ratio with Common, Mirror, Leather and Ghost Carp. Add to that Crucians, skimmer Bream, Tench, Chub, Barbel, Roach, Rudd & Perch. 100lb catches are commonplace on this lake with Carp making up the majority of big weights with these averaging between 1-5lb.
Any method will work on this lake, but Pole & Method Feeder scores well this lake is full of features from Lillie’s, Marginal Cover, Aerators, Inlet Pipes, in-cuts in the bank, Planters plus an Island. Depths average 2ft-5ft with tight in the margins being very shallow. You will catch fish there in spring & summer, but in autumn & winter fish down the marginal shelf instead.
18 Platformed pegs
150lb Match winning weights
200lb+ Pleasure weights recorded
Carp to 15lb recorded
Best baits – Expander pellets, Casters, Maggots, Worms, Sweetcorn, Luncheon meat.
This lake is available for match bookings

Specimen Lake

This lake can be challenging at times, but the rewards are there to be seen with Common, Mirror & Ghost Carp going from 5lb-20lb +, Perch to 4lb+, Crucian Carp to 3lb, Chub to 4lb, Roach & Rudd to 1lb+ with the odd Tench, Bream & Barbel. Depths average between 2ft-5ft. This lake is surrounded by marginal features in every peg, but has open water with no features anywhere else on the lake this is because the fish in this lake grow big so they fight hard so the less obstacles the better. This lake is famed for its Perch fishing were large perch are caught regular with 2-3lb fish being caught regular with 4lb fish making the odd appearance. The best methods on this lake are Pole, Method Feeder, Pellet Waggler, Margin Pole & Straight Lead. 16 Platformed Pegs Biggest recorded Carp 28lb 4oz Biggest recorded Perch 4lb 10oz 100lb + Match weights recorded Best Baits – Maggots, Worms, Luncheon Meat, Paste, Sweet corn&Prawns. This lake is available for match bookings.

Stock Pond

Stock pond is currently being used to grow on future stock, but eventually will become a purpose built Crucian carp lake which will be stocked with Crucians running from 6oz to 4lb averaging 1lb. This lake will be packed full of features including Water Lillie’s, Water Iris, Reeds, etc. fishing will be from one side only and it will have 8-10 Platformed pegs on it. Currently no fishing on this lake For any information regarding Match bookings or Membership please contact Fishery Manager Dean Jones on 07587 536244

Construction of the new lakes which started in january 2018

Stock Ready for the New Lakes