This lake has been designed purposely for Matches only and has been heavily stocked with Common, Mirror, Leather and Ghost Carp from ounces to double figures add to that Bream, Tench, Chub, Barbel.The majority of matches are won targeting the Carp on all types of methods including Pole, Feeder, Waggler and Bomb. Also as varied as the methods to catch the fish is the baits they use Pellets, Sweetcorn, Paste, Maggots, Casters, Luncheon Meat all catch well . The depths on this lake vary dramatically through out going from 2ft in the margins to 10ft in the middle but lots of hidden sunken islands and plateau’s, Water inlets and outlets create many hidden features which the fish love to feed on and around. This lake has 35 permanent pegs with plenty of room between pegs.

Kingfisher Match Lake is a Fishery feed pellet only any bait can be used on the hook and Groundbait can be used but must be fed in Pole Cups, Pots and Feeders only. 

This lake is available for match bookings only and not allowed to be fished by members.

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